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Sunny Esthetics launchs IPL + RF treatment instrument

The Sunshine Esthetics owner, Pei-ling graduated from the Ottawa Academy College with the latest program, the Master of Esthetics Master’s degree in full time study.

Degrees including the Laser Technician certificate. Worked as laser technician in salon, has extensive experience and attitude to provide you satisfactory service.

IPL laser treatment: (For details, call 613-841-3174 )

Permanent hair removal:

Lip - original price $ 150 | price now $ 60
Armpit - original price $ 200 | price now $ 90
Arms - original price $ 300 | price now $ 120
Leg - original price $ 350 | price now $ 160 (below the knee)


Freckle: original price $ 400 | price now $ 240.

IPL treatment and promotions Galland mask replenishment

Full-face rejuvenation:

The original $ 400 | price now $ 200.

(IPL treatment and promotions Maria Galland, Water mask.)

IPL questions:

1. What is the principle of the IPL light rejuvenation?

Answer: the IPL skin rejuvenation with moderate light and electricity repair skin, light to guide electrical energy through a variety of defective parts, the decomposition of the pigmentation, redness, and reduce the appearance of acne-color printing, and promote skin collagen and collagen fibers, thereby improving rough skin, dull skin, large pores, skin laxity and the status.

2. How long time will be taken to do a treatment? Does the treatment need special care?

A: The person’s skin, usually 3-4 weeks time, a course of five times. Do not need special care after treatment, you can immediately make-up.

3. What is the IPL rejuvenation desired result?

A: Each treatment can gradually reduce and improve skin pigmentation and skin problems. After the end of treatment, the skin texture will be improved relative to allow the skin to return to full health status.

4. Is IPL treatment safe?

A: The treatment is very safe for skin. E-light technology has many advantages that make its skin color is the safest method. The efficacy of IPL light is 2 times that of traditional photon, it is widely used in skin care, there is no danger.

5. How long do a treatment? Treatment need special care?

A: The person’s skin, usually 3-4 weeks time, a course of five times. Do not need special care after treatment, you can immediately make-up.

6. How much pain the IPL rejuvenation can cause?

A: The treatment may be a brief fever or tingling feeling will last only a few seconds, the light therapy does not exist rebound, because it is mainly the skin to adjust to a healthy state, but could not stop the skin structure normal aging, so the E-light treatment, the skin still needs routine maintenance to delay skin aging.

7. After each treatment, what will be changed?

A: The stain will normally be the first black scab 5-7 days off the crust, the texture of the skin will get better treatment. Hair tapered up invisible.

8.IPL light rejuvenation treatment for people?

A: For those who want to remove sun and age the skin, such as pigment spots, redness, rough skin, large pores and other groups.

9.IPL light hair removal to can be rebound? Anything is unsafe?

Answer: the IPL light hair removal by selective photothermolysis, the specific wavelength of the laser penetrate the epidermal hair follicle, but does not damage the epidermis and sweat, the melanin in the hair shaft to selectively absorb the laser energy, hair follicles, heat coagulation necrosis, the hair will no longer grow, so it will not rebound. Regardless of the number of treatments, no adverse effects on the human body. Is the most suitable for the skin of a painless and safe hair removal methods.